Superior Charcoal Pencil 12 Piece Set

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The Traditional Effect of Charcoal with More Control and Less Mess

Superior Charcoal Pencils are excellent for detail work. Cedar barrels contain flexible charcoal of the highest quality that’s been mixed with the finest clays for a rich, smooth application with all the beauty of earthy, traditional charcoal.

Plus, they’re easier to sharpen than traditional charcoal sticks, with less breakage. When applied with a light touch, the tone is similar to graphite. The application is smooth and blends easily yet retains an open, grainy texture that makes charcoal such a beautiful medium. The dark charcoal is great for intense lines. 

  • 3 grades in the range - Hard, Medium and Soft
  • Naturally water-soluble
  • Round 8 mm barrel
  • 3.7 mm wide core

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We're thrilled to support Khalsa Aid - an amazing charity that helps hungry and sick children in war-torn countries.

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