Baby Talking Hamster Plush Toy

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Hilarious and useful.

The adorable little Hamster repeats what you say, but in his own critter voice which encourages babies to respond. Simply squeeze his left paw and then record a short message (up to five seconds long).

He'll repeat the message back to you in a funny, high pitched voice. Speak again and he'll continue to respond (if there's a silence of more than 30 seconds, just squeeze his hand again).

Makes a hilariously fun gift for all ages. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Repeats what you say in his own critter voice Squeeze his paw to record a short message. Has a funny, high pitched voice.  Size: 4-1/2"L x 5-3/4"W


An Amazing Cause

We're thrilled to support Khalsa Aid - an amazing charity that helps hungry and sick children in war-torn countries.

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