The NO-MESS Watercolor Brush Pens - 20 Piece Set

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Ideal for a painter on the go 

Perfect for creating fine art, fashion illustrations, doodling, journaling, and calligraphy.

  • A No-Mess-No-Fuss clean functional design
  • Flexible brush tip helps make fine to bold brush strokes
  • 20 piece set includes a colorless blender to create fine gradients
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

These No-Mess Watercolor Brush Pens pens are convenient and easy to use for both first-time and accustomed users.

Colors can be mixed with water to create lighter shades, and colors can be combined with other colors to create new colors, etc. The brushes are always ready to paint whenever you are, and you can cap them when you are finished. No wonder they created so much buzz in Japan.

We send all orders by trackable parcels. Most orders are delivered within two weeks but in some cases, it may take 3-4 weeks. We use 3 cover designs to pack the pens.

An Amazing Cause

We're thrilled to support Khalsa Aid - an amazing charity that helps hungry and sick children in war-torn countries.

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